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Get to know me.

Hi! My name's Ollie Coghill. I'm a Professional Photographer based in Bristol, UK. 
If you've reached this page, firstly; thank you for taking the time to look through my website, and for viewing my work! 

A couple of facts about me.

  • I Love Photography, and always have a camera to hand.
  • I am a big people person. I love making others laugh, and meeting new humans (and animals) and listening to their stories. 
  • I'm obsessed with the great outdoors. Mountains, Oceans, and Pine trees are my favourite.
  • I have an infatuation with Volkswagen, especially classic Bettles, Sciroccos, and Golfs!
  • I love Pizza and a good Whiskey.
  • I am a huge Film nerd, and have a large collection. (Please talk to me about Star Wars.)
  • I collect cameras of all shapes and sizes, and have amassed over 60.
  • Travel is one of the biggest loves of my life, and Iceland is my favourite country. 
  • I have been with my School sweetheart for 11 years!

    I always attempt to go above and beyond for my couples; especially on the big day. It often goes without saying that I will be spending a lot of time with you on your day, so I do whatever it takes to make sure it runs smoothly for you. In the past this has included;

  • Helping to do up the dress on multiple occasions!
  • Giving the Bride Piggybacks over gravel
  • Correctly applying the veil; and removing it at the end of the day (Once you've had a few to many, usually.)
  • Driving the Bridal party to the ceremony when things have gone pear shaped
  • Baby duty when nobody else is around!
  • Picking the ceremony venue last minute when there are Blizzards and 60MPH winds
  • Helping organize your day in any way I can, and offering helpful advice

Ochi Weddings

I am a full time photographer with 8 years experience from Bristol, UK. I started shooting under the name "Ochi" (Pronounced OH-She) when I begin my photography career, focusing heavily on the fashion industry, shooting models and creating content, advertisements and look books for clothing companies. I decided to bring my unique fashion style to the world of Weddings. 

I aim to deliver natural, "in the moment" images with a fashion twist that help you remember the day how it was, rather than highly posed and often harsh images with bright flash that kills any natural light and ambiance. My images capture your personalities and aura, with a "fly on the wall" approach. I know how to photograph people and how to get the best out of them, even if you're camera shy and think that you don't photograph well, I promise you I will get you to smile! I also edit the images tailored to you and your personalities, so no two sets of images should look the same.

Please get in contact if you're interested in booking me, or just want to find out some more information about me and my services! 


Also; Go read my testimonials to see what couples have to say about me!

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